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Please have a look at our frequently asked questions section by clicking here. You will find information on a range of information that has been compiled to answer the most common questions about parmaris lifejackets.

Before lifejacket use:

1. Lift velcro around the operating head and check that none of the green indicators are missing or broken. See the instruction sheet next to the operating head for further reference. If 1 or more clips are found to be missing or broken do not use the lifejacket. Refer to the instructions on how to re-arm the lifejacket below.
2. Visually check that all cover velcro is located and all webbings are undamaged and fastenable.
3. Ensure that you fit the lifejacket tight to your own body size and all webbing ends are tucked using the keeper loops.
4. We strongly recommend that the lifejacket is serviced annually.

Re-Arming and fitting a crotch strap

Re-arming and crotch strap fitting videos are now available click the image below to view

Alternatively, the documentation for your operating system in pdf format with step by step instructions can be found below :

uml auto
UML Auto
uml manual
UML Manual
prosensor auto
Prosensor Auto
prosensor manual
Prosensor Manual

um details thumbnail

We use the United Moulders Operating Sytems on all of our products. Click the image here for a larger popup with details.


Fitting a crotch strap. For step by step instructions select your buckle type below:

stainless steel harness image

HARNESS STRAP FITTING PDF - Fitting a crotch strap on a harness belt.



WAISTBELT STRAP FITTING PDF - Fitting a crotch strap on a Waistbelt.



Instructions for re-packing parmaris lifejackets can be found in the back of the owners manual that was supplied with the lifejacket. Further step by step information is also available here.

REPACKING 150N ZIP CLOSURE  - for info on re-packing a 150N zip closure parmaris lifejacket.

REPACKING PARMARIS SEAFIT 275N - for info on re-packing a seafit 275N parmaris lifejacket.

Repacking a 150N velcro closure jacket

To see how to re-pack a 150N velcro closure parmaris lifejacket, click play to watch this video.