Parmaris 150N Raider RA30-RA32

Parmaris 150N Raider

Raider 150 Newton Lifejacket

Approved to ISO 12402, Harness version approved in addition to ISO 12401

The lightweight configuration and special 3D neck design makes the 150N Raider a popular choice for constant wear allowing reduced neck fatigue, perfect for those who may be wearing a lifejacket for longer periods. The lower belt position also makes it extremely comfortable for both men and women.

Standard features include SOLAS retroreflective tape, emergency whistle approved to EN394, lifting loop, high specification edge binding, belt size to fit adults up to 125cm. Suitable for adults over 50kg.

Option of standard UML automatic or manual operating system. Automatic lifejackets will inflate on water entry but also have a manual override pull handle, manual operate lifejackets will only inflate when the handle is pulled. Available in standard waistbelt version. This lifejacket is available in red, green and black.
SS40 Waistbelt auto operating head mini manual operating head