NEW Besto 2010 SOLAS EC RE12300/09

NEW Besto 2010 SOLAS EC
NEW Besto 2010 SOLAS EC NEW Besto 2010 SOLAS EC

 NEW Besto 2010 SOLAS EC

The new Besto SOLAS EC 2010 Lifejacket is fully approved to the new testing requirements that came into force in July 2010 with the adoption of MSC.200(80).

The new Besto SOLAS EC exceeds the new 2010 requirements and carries the wheelmark sign of approval for it. It is available in infant, child and adult sizes and its compact size allows for a comfortable fit. It neatly folds away reducing storage volume making it ideal for storage on board passenger vessels.

Self Righting:

The Besto SOLAS lifejacket self rights in an average of 2-3 seconds (previous SOLAS requirements within 5 seconds).

Freeboard of Mouth:

The Besto SOLAS 2010 lifejackets offers a freeboard of more than 140mm (previous SOLAS requirements to be more than 120mm).

Optimized Survival Time:

The Besto SOLAS lifejacket has an improved face plane and body angles for better in water position. This together with the improved self righting and freeboard optimizes survival time.

Design Features & Optional Extras:

* Patented adjustable chin strap that can be moved according to neck size.
* Chin strap allows head to be kept in optimum position even if unconscious.
* Light patch located at the front of the lifejacket.
* Optional Crew, Cabin number and Assembly Station markings.
* Optional Sprayhood.
* Optional 'oversize' printed on the bag.
* 8 pieces of Retroreflective tape.
* Easliy adjustable waistbelt with a strong Nexus buckle.
* Securely fastened whistle.
* Floatable Buddy Line with easy clip in protective pocket.
* Large single block front chest construction improving in water performance.
* Single chest block stops waves from being directed towards the face/mouth.

Infant  0-15kg  120N  RE14000 
Child 15-43kg 170N RE14005
Adult 43+kg 200N RE14009

Storage Dimensions based on Adult size (foam and fabric only):

Lay-out position - 1040 x 120 x 290mm
Compact position - 320 x 230 x 290mm

NEW MSC.200 Regulations:

SOLAS 74, as amended, Regulation III/4 and 34. The LSA code, Regulations 1/1.2 and II/2.2. IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70), part 1, MSC 200 (80), MSC 207 (81).

After 1st July 2010: All lifejackets that are due to be replaced after 1st July 2010 must comply with these new regulations. Also ships that are being built on or after this date must have the new SOLAS 2010 Lifejackets on board.