Fire Brigade 275N lifejacket FB3

Fire Brigade 275N lifejacket

Fire Brigade 275N FB3

This new Fire Brigade Lifejacket has been developed in association with one of the major Dutch Fire Brigades. With over 300 Newtons of uplift, the inflatable has been produced with a kick buoyancy to self right a heavily clad fireman both with and without breathing apparatus. The specially designed back harness allows a breathing apparatus set to be worn either under or over the lifejacket. The FB3 has a panotex cover that is molten droplet resistent with heat sink and heat reflective qualities and also has a backing of pre-charred aramid. There is also a further inner layer a flame retardent material. The 316 stainless steel quick release buckle allows the lifejacket to be easily donned and adjusted even with heavily gloved hands. Other standard features include 4 pieces of retroreflective tape, approved whistle, lifting loop and crotch strap. Optional extras include a deflate probe in case of underwater entrapment and special serial numbers/bar codes printed on labels for easy identification.

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Summary of standard key features: Fire Brigade FB3

* Over 300 Newtons of buoyancy
* Flame retardent and molten drop resistent
* Easy to don and adjust with gloved hands
* Can be worn with breathing apparatus sets
* Self righting
* Available with various operating head systems
* Retro tape, whistle, lifting loop and crotch strap