Parmaris ARC Buoy Lifter 180N ARC

Parmaris ARC Buoy Lifter 180N


The ARC Buoy Lifter is a unique rescue product combining 2 common items into 1 making it no longer necessary to carry both a rescue sling and a MOB buoy. The strong outer cover is made from Hi Viz fabric complete with rail connection straps making it easy to fix in place. This 180-190N flotation device has been specially designed to create stability in rough sea conditions with the long curved arms meaning the user is not tipped onto their face. The stable platform of the ARC Buoy Lifter achieves a high user position both with and without a lifejacket being worn.

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To use the person deploying the item simply lifts the inner bag from the outer cover using the grab loop. Taking care to avoid any rails, wires or ropes an under arm throw (with a back swing first) will produce for an average person a range of up to 20 metres. On water entry the buoy deploys automatically but a manual override is provided for rare circumstances that may require a pre-inflation.

Parmaris ARC Buoy Lifter 180N

The user enters from the open-end, closes the super strong lifejacket type buckle and then pulls the strap tight to keep securely in the buoy. Traditionally the user faces forward into the horseshoe curve but due to the stability of the ARC Buoy Lifter the user can face wither way when floating. A high capacity drogue (sea anchor) is fitted to help minimise drfit, this under most circumstances deploys automatically but it is wise for the user to check deployement has occurred. A whistle and retroreflective tape are fitted to aid detection along with an oral top up tube as standard. It is also possible to add a SOLAS Sea-light or crotch strap as an optional extra.

The ARC Buoy Lifter has a front towing handle for pulling along in the water but this is not a lifting device. The lifting loops are permanently attached to the inner hoop of the buoy and are made from strong safety line webbing in red with the word 'Lift' printed in white along its length. To be rescued the user faces the open end of the ARC Buoy Lifter and the rescuer securely hooks onto both loops of the 'Lift' webbing using a shackle, carbineer or hook.

Parmaris ARC Buoy 180NKey Features:

180-190N Buoyancy

Oral top up tube


Retroreflective tape

Stabilising Sea Anchor

Lifting Loops with a maximum of 325kg